Summer Camp Themes

Main Camp Themes

Our 12 main camps offer a wide-range of themes that are sure to spark a variety of interests! Campers will have the opportunity to express themselves, work together and have fun all summer long. Camp offerings vary by location.

All-Star Athletes

Back-to-back sports! We’re having a ball playing soccer, flag football, volleyball and more. This is an exhilarating opportunity to be active while learning about sportsmanship.

Beach Daze

We’re bringing the ocean waves to our campers. Join us for beach sensory activities, arts and crafts, sink/float experiments and seaside stories.

Career Day

“When I grow up, I want to be…” Each day, our campers will experience a different career where they learn the ins and outs of thrilling professions.

Dino World

This week, our campers are traveling through time to the Jurassic period. Discover dinosaurs through fossil projects, archaeological “digs,” books and crafts!

Friends of the Rainforest

Grab your umbrellas — we’re going to the rainforest! Children will learn about the importance of wildlife and conservation through exciting science projects and art.

It’s Showtime

Our theater camp is where children build confidence! Together, we will act out scenes from plays, perform musical numbers and learn the art of improv and collaboration.

I Found a Clue!

Put on your detective hat — it’s time to solve a mystery. Our aspiring detectives will work to uncover clues, crack codes, demystify riddles and go on scavenger hunts!

Mad About Meteorology

Twisting tornados, erupting volcanoes and groundbreaking earthquakes are just a few of Earth’s phenomena that we’re covering this week. Things are going to get messy!

Party in the USA

We’re celebrating the 4th of July all week long! From BBQ favorites and outdoor games to star-spangled art and patriotic activities, it’s non-stop united fun.

Summertime Circus

Come one come all to the greatest camp yet! Enjoy circus games and treats or work on your juggling skills, magic tricks and balancing acts. The possibilities are endless!


Campers engage in a variety of lively and interactive team building exercises that aim to form strong friendships while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Wild West

Saddle-up it’s going to be a wild ride! Cowboy games, rodeo races and campfire songs are just a few of the western pastimes students enjoy while here at the ranch.

STEM Camp Themes

Our 5 STEM camps are designed to teach campers educational skills such as problem-solving, calculation, critical thinking and more! If your child has an interest in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, this is the camp for them. Camp offerings vary by location.

Eco-Engineering Heroes

Learn how science, engineering and technology can help us care for the environment. Explore ways to provide clean water, minimize pollution, design for natural occurrences and improve the Earth!


Hold on to your scuba gear – there is a hidden world lurking beneath the ocean’s surface! Our budding sea scientists explore the unique, the strange and the perplexing features of underwater life.

Math All Around Us

Math isn’t only found in a textbook! From game theory, puzzles and cooking, to art, music and code, campers will engage in fun activities that reinforce mathematical concepts in everyday life.

Rocking Robots & Machines

Campers study the fundamentals of engineering and technology necessary to create their own amazing contraptions. Projects include robotic hands, dancing robots and programmable LEGO WeDo structures!

Space is the Place

Escape Earth’s gravity to explore the sun, the moon and many of the solar system’s fascinating features. Our space explorers learn the ropes as they prepare to take off to infinity and beyond!