Summer Camp Themes

Main Camp Themes

Our 12 main camps offer a wide-range of themes that are sure to spark a variety of interests! Campers will have the opportunity to express themselves, work together and have fun all summer long. Camp offerings vary by location.

Aye, Aye Captains!

Argh Matey! Grab your map and your hat, as we sail the seven seas. Learn everything there is to know about being a pirate: knots, navigation and most importantly hunting TREASURE!

Cultures of the World

Let's explore local and international cultures for new experiences! Each day, we will discover books, music, art, food and more, from various places around the globe!

Dare to Adventure

Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime. Campers will have the opportunity to explore new places and gain worldly experience as we take trips to new and exciting places.

Earth Enthusiasts

We're dedicating this week to Mother Earth as we take on recycling projects, learn how to "go green" and find ways to help our planet's endangered species!

For the Love of Science

Science is all around us, from the earth to the sea to the sky. So put on your thinking cap as we tackle motions, astronomy and research, OH MY!

Free to Be Creative

Campers, it's time to let your imagination run wild! Whether you're an aspiring artist, a future musician or an enthusiastic actor, we've got a creative project for you.

Get Your Game On!

Ready? Set. Go! We're racing to the finish line during a week of indoor and outdoor games. Join us for some physical and strategic games with friends!

Move Your Body

Enough of the screens, we're getting ACTIVE! From sports to dance to aerobics, there's something for every camper to get moving and enjoy.

Spreading Kindness

Campers, do you want to be a community hero? This week, you'll have the opportunity to spread kindness to your friends, family and community through a series of outreach projects.

Time Travelers

Traveling through the decades, every day of the week! Bring your time machine, because we're dressing like the 60's, dancing like the 70's and rocking out like the 80's.

What’s Cookin’?

What's the best part of cooking and baking? Tasting your very own creations! We're stirring, mixing, chopping and eating all of our very own recipes.

Wild in the Wilderness

The great outdoors are calling! Together, we'll go "camping," learn basic wilderness survival skills and discover all the amazing things plants, bugs and animals can do.

STEM Camp Themes

Our 5 STEM camps are designed to teach campers educational skills such as problem-solving, calculation, critical thinking and more! If your child has an interest in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, this is the camp for them. Camp offerings vary by location.

Create and Construct

Calling all builders, designers and dreamers! Curious camper minds discover what it takes to be an engineer as they engage in hands-on innovative projects that never cease to amaze.

Fantastic Flyers

Campers earn their wings by building their own aircraft and watching them soar. The Flyers will learn about the physics of aerodynamics, the power of design and the wonder of flight.


To be a Gamemaster, you have to do more than play. This camp explores many aspects of gaming as the campers delve into a creative world employing strategy, logic and luck.

Marvelous Magic & Fabulous Formulas

Campers will explore the magic of chemistry as we reveal science through projects such as potion vials, magic wands and foamy explosions. Grab your chemistry goggles, it's about to get messy!

Racing Machines

The race is on from start to finish! Campers feel the need for speed as they build their own racers and courses, allowing them to put their creations to the test.