Aye Aye Captains - Ages 7+

Registration in 5 Easy Steps!

1. Find your school

Schools are organized by state. To search for your location, access “Find Your School” from the homepage or the drop down menu above.

2. Browse camps by age

Camps are organized by age group from youngest to oldest. Some schools may have different schedules available (i.e. half day, camp day, extended day) based on age. Schedules are located on the left hand side of the camp page.

3. Create an account

Press the  blue Enroll button and you will be directed to create an account and add your children to this account. Once you have added them you can review the available camps and add the weeks you want to your child.

4. Access your cart

To view your cart, select the white bag icon above. Review that all camp quantities and selections are correct. Fill in the required child registration information and proceed to payment.

5. Submit payment

For Current Families, enter your school code and click submit payment. You will be directed to pay at the school. For New Families, enter your payment information and click submit payment. An email will be sent to both Current and New Families with registration information.