Importance of Summer Learning

For children, summer is a time for growth as they transition from one grade to the next. This is the perfect time for them to strengthen their minds with summer learning experiences, which can be extremely beneficial to their intellectual and social development

Retain Knowledge and Skills

By the time children return to school after summer break, numerous studies have shown that they lose some of the knowledge and skills they acquired and require up to a month to catch up. This can cause stress on a child and hinder their progress. With summer learning, they not only retain what they have learned, but build on it, as well. They gain a more thorough understanding of their material and are ready to progress even further by the time they return to school in the fall.

Improve Understanding of Material

The material we cover in summer learning is connected to what they learn during the regular school year. This allows them to go past what they have already learned and participate in a variety of activities so they can explore the material from different angles. The better one understands a subject, the more they enjoy it – and that is especially true for children.

Explore New Topics and Find Interests

Summer learning is less condensed than the regular school year, with more time to explore subjects. This allows children to discover their interests and find what sparks their eagerness to learn. With a summer learning program, they will have professional educators there to guide and encourage them.

Stay Motivated to Learn

By continuing to learn over the summer in a structured environment that encourages exploration, children stay motivated and excited to learn. The combination of freedom to delve into topics of their own interest with guidance from educators keeps the mind sharp and ready once school starts again. Numerous studies show that children who participate in summer learning get better grades during the school year than those who do not. With summer learning, you will see results both immediately and in the long run.